The Brand - Arms Communications

Arms Communications is a full service advertising agency, based in Delhi, India, servicing leading Indian & MNC brands. With a staff drawn from leading MNC agencies, it offers Strategy and Creative services across all above the line media. Through its subsidiaries it also addresses marketing needs with below the line, Digital and PR solutions. Globally, the agency is aligned with ICOM the world’s largest independent agencies network with presence in 90 countries across all continents of the world.

Founded in 1985, Arms Communications’ profile is rather unique amongst most of the independent agencies in India.

Says its founder Reet Ahluwalia “Our vast experience in launching or supporting entrepreneurial Indian clients makes us unique – HCL, NIIT, Fortis, Relaxo, Luminous, Jagatjit, Milkfood etc.”

“The agency prides itself for its long tenures with most of the clients. This is primarily a response to the hands on approach and involvement of our top management” says Mukesh Gulati, VP Client Servicing.

“If it does not sell. It is not creative is the belief with which every creative is planned in the agency. Our clients being more entrepreneurial or not large MNCs, to generate sales is the considered objective behind most campaigns we do.” Creative team

Arms USP

When we work for a client we just don’t try to satisfy its primary communications needs instead, we go beyond it in to product development, pricing, research, marketing strategy etc. Which is why, Arms Communications since the last 3 decades has managed to churn out some ground-breaking work for its clients.

  • Helped Relaxo to become the second largest footwear brand after Bata by offering strategic advise to launch 2 new brands -Flite & Sparx and now Bahamas with global ambitions
  • Re established Aristocrat as one of India’s leading whisky brands
  • A strategic suggestion to take on the leader in the launch stage, made Luminous the battery of choice in the inverter segment
  • From a start up to India’s No 1 IT brand, it’s been a record breaking 35 years association with HCL
  • Pushed forward VLCC to get aggressive in the market place seeing an opportunity where Personal Point was going through internal issues and since then VLCC has never looked back
  • Launched NIIT the first and the biggest Computer training Institution, in India and Globally


Globally, the agency is aligned with ICOM the world’s largest independent agencies network with more than 80 independent marketing communications agencies in over 60 countries. ICOM provides seamless support for clients with international needs provided by like-minded agencies, dedicated to driving brand success across borders, anywhere in the world.